Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yetta Mighta Done Betta

Didn't you see
that a fag with HIV
would easily beat
a dyke  packin' heat?

Yetta mighta done betta

but Corey told a story.

In the voting booth
didn't matter ain't the truth.
If you wear a blindr
and follow Grindr.

Raves from ev'ry  paper
couldn't make her mayor.
Didn't win.
Poor Quinn.

Thru his teeth Corey lied
and to compete Yetta tried.

But a shmo
can never beat a pro.

The Lefty-Libs who
sold their souls
Gottfried and Glick,
for all their sanctimonious shtick,
played along with Albany jerks
'cause they love their perks.

Didn't make a peep
like timid sheep.
Wouldn't be bold
hiding among the fold
doing as they're told.

Supporting Silver for pieces of gold.

G and G Go for the Gold
Amazing how a conscience can melt
when a greedy pols lusts for the gelt.

-- BD Lewis